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Itomic started life as a small digital web agency focused on making quality sites for business owners in Perth. That was the year 2000. Today, we’re one of the oldest businesses of our kind in Australia. But, a lot has changed.

Today we are Australian custom software developers, specialising in advanced web sites, web apps, and mobile apps.

Our principal offices are in Perth, Western Australia, and Melbourne, Victoria.

Technically we specialise in a small cluster of the world's most popular software: WordPress (CMS), Drupal (CMS), Laravel (framework) and Flutter (mobile apps). This allows us to be truly solutions-focused across a wide range of mainstream and bespoke business needs.

We maintain a healthy balance of team members, approx. 50% onshore and 50% offshore. The benefits to our clients and ourselves are:
- Able to scale up quickly
- Reduced costs
- Increased diversity
- Wider based of skills and experiences

Initial consults always complimentary.


App / Software Development, Web Development, Security, Hosting, Support & Maintenance

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