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The Quantified Web

The Quantified Web

The Quantified Web is an Adelaide-based niche agency specialising in high ROI Google Ads for ecommerce business. Our services specifically revolve around growing your Return On Ad Spend while handling the time-consuming and tricky aspects of ecommerce Google Ads management.

We take an inventory profit margin approach, and make sure that Google is always connecting the right keywords with the right inventory that are going to lead to profitable sales. With dedicated ecommerce processes that handle the small details, we have more time and focus to put into honing your unique Google Ads strategy and really growing sales.If you want to...

​- Increase your Return On Ad Spend
- ​Increase your gross revenue
​- Increase profit margins
​- Achieve Greater Ecommerce Market Share
- Protect yourself against Ecommerce competitors
​- Free up valuable time each week​
- With great communication
- Get in touch with us today!


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