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VTH offers complete digital solutions!

VTH is a business built on trust and accountability. We don’t offer a website to you then walk away; we want to partner with you whilst growing an online channel for your business. Starting our life as a business servicing only the Timber and Hardware vertical means we are experts in what Timber and Hardware store owners need, whilst also learning lessons in that industry which we can use in others.

We believe in Data is the new Oil

VTH offers complete digital solutions for Timber and Hardware industry as well as many other industries. We work with brick and mortar stores to establish online presence and help them to maximise the positive impact of their online stores. We have collaboration with industry biggest names such Timbersmart, Verticom, Ultra Commerce, Vesta, HBT, BigCommerce and other related industry partners to help clients achieve their business goals.

We are a data driven company that believes that Data is the new Oil. The biggest problem with the online Timber and Hardware industry and all industries starting an ecommerce channel is to how to manage data efficiently. We are providing sophisticated digital solutions to all the issues that the Timber and Hardware industry and all industries are facing and we changing the way store owners create online channels.

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